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The Assessment of Skin Rejuvenation using Solar Protection and Solar Repair.

Professor Yohei Tanaka, MD

Paper Summary

This White Paper evaluates the efficacy of a novel solar-specific skincare regimen, particularly focused on the RATIONALE Essential Six Signature Edition Formulations. Measuring protection of ultraviolet (UV), visible light (VL) and near-infrared (NIR) radiation, over 12 months, 18 Japanese patients applied morning solar protection and nightly solar repair products from RATIONALE. 

Results demonstrate enhanced skin texture, reduced redness, and pigmentation, with high patient satisfaction rates. The study underscores the significance of comprehensive solar protection and repair strategies, highlighting the RATIONALE Essential Six Signature Edition effectiveness in skin preservation and rejuvenation.

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Paper Details


Long-term objective assessments of skin rejuvenation using solar protection and solar repair are shown through digital facial surface analysis and three-dimensional volumetric assessment.


18 patients aged 22 to 70 years.

Formulations of Focus:

RATIONALE Essential Six Signature Edition for 12 months.


94% of participants were satisfied with the results. Participants observed significant enhancements in skin texture, tone, luminosity, and volume.

Explained by Founder and Direction of Research, Richard Parker