The Essential Six Collections

The Essential Six Collections are built upon the Six Pillars of Skin Health: Resilience, Vitality, Brilliance, Integrity, Clarity, and Renewal.

Akin to six skin food groups, these Collections work synergistically with your skin—and each other—to offer polished protection by day and revitalising repair by night, reanimating skin’s natural radiance. 

Ever evolving, The Essential Six Collections continue to advance and expand—offering a Formulation to suit every skin type—and Luminous Skin for Life.

#1 The Resilience Collection

Support skin immunity and barrier function with a proprietary Complex of B-Group Vitamins—for stronger, more resilient skin.

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#2 The Vitality Collection

Supercharge the skin with a proprietary Complex of Antioxidants which preserve Collagen and Elastin—for an infinitely brighter complexion.

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#3 The Brilliance Collection

A proprietary Complex of Zinc Fusion Technology, Iron Oxides, and Melanin, work in synergy to offer superlative protection and hydration—for radiant, illuminated skin.

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#4 The Integrity Collection

The first facet of your evening ritual, this collection is rich in a proprietary Complex of Ceramides and Lipids, which restore and nurture the skin’s barrier function—for repaired, hydrated skin.

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#5 The Clarity Collection

Harnessing a suite of Hydroxy Acids and Peptides, this collection recalibrates the skin’s pH—for a refined, clear, and radiant complexion.

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#6 The Renewal Collection

The final facet of your evening ritual, this collection delivers a topical Complex of Vitamins, Antioxidants and DNA Repair Enzymes which support cellular turnover— for rejuvenated, renewed skin.

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Your Personalised Ritual

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