The RATIONALE In-Flight Ritual

How to Land with Luminous Skin

Avoid cabin complexion and arrive with glowing, radiant skin—the RATIONALE way.

How do we prep the skin before we fly? 

The most important step before flying is to ensure that the skin’s barrier integrity is intact, as this helps prevent dehydration, lipid oxidation and electromagnetic radiation damage. A week before flying, introduce #1 The Crème or #4 The Crème into you daily skin ritual. These will ensure that the stratum corneum (the skin’s outermost layer) is functioning optimally, keeping moisture in and contaminants out.

Do we need to apply sunscreen whilst on the plane?

Complete Solar Constant Protection from UV, Visible Light and Infrared damage is a must when flying, particularly long-haul travel. Traversing different time and solar-exposure zones is one consideration, but just as important is preventing Visible Light and ionising radiation damage. An optimally formulated Superfluid sunscreen, such as our #3 The Tinted Serum SPF50+ will address all of these concerns while helping to keep skin thoroughly hydrated.

What about skincare routines during the flight? And what can we do to keep hydration levels high? 

Forget about drinking gallons of water, as this only increases dehydration; drink when you are thirsty. Apply a rich hydrator such as #1 The Crème every three hours if possible. The object is to seal in moisture and prevent moisture loss by reinforcing the skin’s outermost layer.

Do you recommend masking during long-haul flights or when we land? 

#1 The Mask is perfect for long distance flights. It super-hydrates the skin, increases cell-to-cell communication and boosts skin resilience and immune responses to airborne pathogens.

Richard Parker’s top three tips for your skin while flying:

1. Apply a Superfluid Solar Constant Protective formulation containing Zinc and Melanin for the entire duration of the flight—regardless of time zone.

2. Apply a hydrator and lipid-based serum every three hours, then reapply your Superfluid over the top.

3. Immediately adjust to your ‘real time’ skincare regime when you land.