The Portrait Series: Alexander Knox

With deep reverence to the arts, we are honoured to announce our partnership with Melbourne Art Fair, a seminal fixture on the Australasian cultural calendar.

This year's theme is centred around Djeembana––a word of the Boon Wurrung––described as a lacuna in language, where direct translation fails. Loosely alluding to ‘place’, Djeembana is more broadly a meeting point for community, ideas, ritual, and knowledge.

Paying homage to this year’s theme, The Portrait Series profiles four of the region’s most respected artists, whose works are forever woven into the fabric of contemporary art in Australia.

Melbourne-based sculptor Knox is responsible for creating some of the most impressive large-scale kinetic light installations, soundscapes and sculptures across Melbourne and other capital cities around Australia.

For Knox, the natural way of the world is chaos. Through experiments of form, sculpture and light, he explores the thin and ever-shifting veil that lies between order and disorder. His work poses a question with the answer dependent of the one answering it, creating an acknowledgment of infinite subjectivity of experience and interpretation.