Steve Cordony, RATIONALE Luminary

Meet Steve Cordony


What did Steve Cordony want to be when he was young? “Actor, singer, dancer,” shares the super stylist, laughing. “Yes, I wanted to be a triple threat!” While a career in the performing arts didn’t quite eventuate for Cordony, that lofty triple-threat crown? This leading interior and events stylist (check), Style Director at-large for Belle magazine (check) and RATIONALE Luminary (check), has it in the bag.

It’s the addition of this last title which brings us together with Cordony in Sydney, on the set of our Luminary Campaign shoot. A dedicated Client of RATIONALE, Cordony first discovered the Brand through friends. “I [had] borrowed #4 The Cleanser at a friend’s and loved it,” reveals Cordony. “After that, my dear friend Hayley Bonham introduced me to the entire range and I was hooked.”

A dedicated and enthusiastic Essential Six ambassador—he even introduced his father to the world of RATIONALE at our Rosebery Flagship recently—we chatted to the style savant about his holistic approach to skincare, health and wellness, professional growth—and the one thing he can’t leave home without.

Let’s rewind a little: when did you first experiment with beauty? Was it a success? 

Unfortunately, they were all bad. Bleach blonde tips at 15, self-made blended seaweed face masks at 17 to try and fix my blemished—even an undercut with the lines down the side. Cringe. 

When did skincare start to become something you thought about? 

When I was in my mid-teens, my skin broke out and I struggled with redness and oily skin until my early twenties. I tried every single product you could imagine, and it was always the one thing that I was so self-conscious about. 

Growing up, did anyone’s skincare (or self-care) routine influence your outlook on beauty today? 

My mother’s. She gets a facial every few weeks and has always been an advocate for looking after your skin topically. So I would l always be in the vanity trying serums, cleansers and moisturisers. 

How has your skincare routine changed over the years? 

It’s gone from using myriad different products, which never really complemented each other, to a more holistic, targeted approach. I now know how my skin reacts to different environments, products, and daily stresses, and with my RATIONALE routine, I have the right products to move with these changes. As well as topical skincare, my diet has completely changed which has also affected my skin. 

How do you feel about your skin now, compared to when you were younger? 

A complete 180 degrees. I would stare at my skin all the time before going out, trying to cover up blemishes with products that most likely did more harm than good. I now know that having healthy, brilliant skin is at the core of feeling confident. I also know that sometimes my skin is going to look great but every now and then it’s not, and that’s OK. 

By far the best thing about getting older each year is becoming more comfortable and content with myself and my abilities. 

First thing you do when you wake up? 

Have a glass of water. OK, check my phone, then have a glass of water. My daily non-negotiables are SPF, a workout (well, five days a week) and plenty of water. 

What beauty items can you not leave the house without? 

Lip balm! 

What made you want to become what you are today? 

My love for all things creative, theatre and visual arts combined and led me to do what I love the most. The best part of my job is taking my creative ideas and thoughts and being able to make them tangible. 

And what are you most proud of? 

I think being able to look back and see the growth I have made both personally and professionally so far. With every different stage of your life, whether that’s a decade, a relationship or job, it brings new learnings, which (hopefully) lead you to being the best version of yourself.