Robyn Baillieu, RATIONALE Luminary

Meet Robyn Baillieu


Long-time RATIONALE Luminary and Essential Six-devotee of more than 15 years, Robyn Baillieu certainly knows a thing or two about what elicits radiance in her skin. And her inspiring commitment to her Luminous Skin ritual—including a stellar, rain-hail-or-shine record of monthly treatments—is not surprising given her teenage skin woes: “skincare became very important to me when my skin erupted as a teenager…it really can be quite distressing when you’re young and suffer from severe acne.” 

Today, the picture couldn’t be more different. When we first met Robyn—adorning our Mother’s Day editorial feature with daughters Martha and Eleanor—the matriarch was praised by her children for her glowing visage and practising her “wear SPF, always” preachments. 

But familial bonds aside, Robyn has shown a lifetime’s devotion to public service that was evident in her earliest career wish: “I wanted to work for the Prime Minister when I was young!” she declares. Here, Robyn is characteristically self-effacing when it comes to pointing out the goodness in those around her, championing the good works performed by others in the community and sharing some of what she values most in life. 

How did you discover RATIONALE? 

I first discovered RATIONALE through one of the Brand’s affiliated Medical Clinics, the Cosmetics & Laser Medical Centre in Collins Street, Melbourne. This was back in 2004 when there were no RATIONALE Flagships. I’ve been using the range ever since. 

When did skincare start to become something you thought about? When did it become important to you? 

My skin erupted when I was a teenager, so this is when I really started paying attention to the products I used. Everything available back then was so harsh, and generally did more harm than good. 

How has your skincare routine changed over the years? 

Skincare has changed so much over the years because there’s so much more advanced knowledge and research around. It’s easier to get discerning advice about the kinds of products which suit your skin—the ones you can trust, and the ones which won’t strip your skin and make matters worse. 

How do you feel about your skin now, compared to when you were younger? 

I love my skin now! I use RATIONALE Superfluid SPFs without fail, and I never let myself go out unprotected in the sun. Thanks to this, I am now 57 years of age and feel great about my skin. 

I wish I could’ve had a crystal ball when I was younger to see what the future was going to hold. Problem, acne-prone skin really can be a traumatic experience—one that we could all do without, especially when we are young. 

Best thing about becoming a year older each year? 

The fact that I get older each year! I believe ageing is a privilege—one that not everybody gets—so I feel very fortunate to become older each year. 

What had made you the person you are today?  

I am me today because of my life experiences and the choices I’ve made. They were not always good but I believe you learn from every mistake, and can shape the environment you want to live in.  Sometimes you have to change your attitude to brighten your prospects.   

What are you most proud of? 

I am very proud of my husband and children. I am also proud of lots of people I know and admire from afar for their wonderful contributions to making life better for others, doing good works to make this world a better place.