Paloma Garcia, RATIONALE Luminary

Meet Paloma Garcia


Paloma Rose Garcia has entered the proverbial Upside Down. It’s a personal alternate universe that exists only on the set of our Luminary shoot; a role reversal that sees the super hairstylist ushered into the hair-and-makeup chair and patiently wait for the shoot stylist, Pete, to attend to her tresses. 

The opportunity to playfully tease her in this fleeting switch up is too good to pass up, and Garcia is quietly informed that we’ve selected a particularly dated French roll style for her look. Panic, bewilderment and silent judgement all cross her face in a matter of seconds. “They want what?!” 

Recovering from fits of laughter, Pete sets a relieved Garcia straight—and her hair into relaxed waves. Was her reaction an indicator that the go-to look of every formal attendee from 1987-1993 is out of step with the kind of fashion-forward style Garcia has built her reputation and stellar clientele on? Most likely. Or could it be that Garcia is determined in knowing exactly what she wants—and doesn’t—and isn’t afraid to go after it? Almost certainly. 

This is the same Ms Garcia, after all, who recognised her life’s ambition at eight years old—and then set about succeeding in her chosen profession to much acclaim. Between opening her eponymous salon—PALOMA—the Paddington hotspot favoured by magazine editors, celebrities and many a RATIONALE Client, to her runway work, and her Oribe ambassadorship, Garcia’s hairstylist dreams weren’t only realised, they became a reference point for many an aspiring talent. 

And yet for all the achievements, spend a little time with Garcia and you suspect it’s life outside the salon in her role as mum to young sons Teddy and Charlie that she relishes the most… 

When did you first experiment with beauty? Was it a success? 

(Laughs) Early! Considering my love for hair and hairdressing started at around 8 years old… there were over-plucked eyebrows and a Gwyneth-Paltrow-in-Sliding-Doors haircut on me at age 12 that were definitely not successful! 

When did skincare start to become something you thought about? 

At around the age of 12-13, when I was in year 7. I started researching and experimenting with skincare products and doing at-home masks, etc. Even then, I was always drawn to skin.  

How did you discover RATIONALE? 

Through my clients at PALOMA. I actually got to the point where I could tell visually if my guests used RATIONALE because of that glow factor! 

What’s your daily non-negotiable? 

Every step in my Essential Six routine! Besides that, [I drink] 4L of water a day and incorporate a healthy diet. I don’t leave the house without my RATIONALE sunscreen and a lip gloss with SPF. 

How has your skincare routine changed over the years? 

I’ve upped my skincare—and self-care—regimen as I’ve gotten older. Facials are now every four weeks, and my skincare routine is non-negotiable. I also find I have to do more moisture-based and hydration masks in Winter. 

How do you feel about your skin now, compared to when you were younger? 

I feel good about it! I have small lines around my eyes, but I am a happy woman—so I’m glad it shows. And I am so thankful that I discovered RATIONALE. 

Best thing about becoming a year older each year? 

Getting wiser. Having better friends, stronger values. And continued happiness. Happiness is what I value most in life.   

First thing you do when you wake up?  

Cuddle my children (sons Teddy and Charlie) and listen to the birds singing.  

Aside from your skincare routine, do you have any other rituals for taking care of yourself?  

Pilates is my current obsession. I meditate daily and breathing for me is so, so important; deep belly breathing is something I practice when dealing with challenges. I swim in the ocean every week with no exceptions.  

What did you want to be when you were young? 

A hairdresser. I love making people feel great, and improving their self-love and confidence. The best part of my job is the people; my team and guests. 

And finally, the best career (or life) advice you’ve ever received? 

‘There is no reason to stress. You have done this before.’ And everything has always worked out.