Our Luminaries’ Ethos on Ageing

Our Luminaries’ Ethos on Ageing

 Skin Stories Worth Celebrating 

There’s nothing quite like the confidence boost that comes with a healthy, glowing complexion—and reflection. It’s that ‘good skin day’ endorphin rush that our Luminary Clients know all too well. 

We gathered together Kristin Fisher, Debbie Tan, Emma Charlotte Bangay, Samantha Powell, Olivia Bond, Nicole Bonython-Hines, Lucinda Pitt, Mary Fisher, Kate Bond, and Lesley Vanderwal to celebrate their skin and how it makes them feel. 

What’s your ethos on ageing? 

“Well, it’s hard to escape the irony...while you have the gifts of youth (like line-free, bouncy, even-toned skin and the metabolism of a racehorse) you’re not necessarily blessed with the awareness, the grounding, or the self-confidence to appreciate them while you’ve still got them! For me, feeling good with myself at 46 takes work on both my outside and my inside—and multiple disciplines. Targeted skincare, a consciously healthy diet (most of the time), as much exercise as I can tolerate, dedicated sun dodging and sunscreen always, meditation (or at least meditative moments), and a filter of positivity is my personal prescription for dependably good skin.” – Lucinda Pitt, Communications & Brand Consultant 

“I think it’s important to age as gracefully as possible. However, I think there is amazing advancement in skincare happening right now and I
embrace that whole heartedly.” – Olivia Bond, Gemmologist 

“I’m not afraid of ageing at all. It’s a natural part of life and women should be celebrated at every age. I do aspire to look after myself in all areas of life with health and wellbeing being a huge priority. I do focus more on skincare than makeup as I really feel that makeup can be very ageing as we get older. Since starting on RATIONALE six years ago (around my 40th birthday), I have not had to wear any foundation at all; my skin looks so healthy—full and glowing and clear. I feel more beautiful in my own skin now than I ever did in my 20s and 30s.” – Samantha Powell, Makeup Artist 

What made you want to become what you are today? 

My other dream was to be become a jewellery designer. The best part of my job is making women feel glamorous and beautiful. Not to mention having an endless supply of jewellery… 

What’s the best career (or life) advice you’ve ever received? 

My grandmother always used to sing Bobby McFerrin’s song, ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’. When something is worrying me, I always think of her advice. 

What advice would you give your 20-year-old self? 

“People may doubt what you say but they will believe what you do. So do.” – Lucinda Pitt. 

“To have more confidence in myself. It’s not until my 30s that I have found true confidence. I think we all struggle with insecurities but my younger self didn’t realise this and I was easily intimidated by others. It feels good to let that go!” – Olivia Bond.