In Celebration of Motherhood

Scanlan Theodore x Shamini Rajarethnam


An innovator, a protector, a creator, a mother. While Shamini’s accolades precede her, she’s brazenly honest about the challenges in balancing work, life, and motherhood. In a recent Mother’s Day profile, Shamini appeared alongside her children, Asha and Leo, and shared insights from the women who inspire her and life lessons from her children.

What does motherhood mean to you?
I take my cues from the women I am surrounded by who inspire me, and who have had a profound effect on my version of motherhood. My mother has always carried the virtue of selflessness—putting everyone’s needs ahead of her own. My mother-in-law has the tenet of unconditional love – no matter how tired or stretched she is, she will do whatever it takes for her family. My best friends have this incredible fortitude for resilience, the many situations they are faced with are always approached with patience, poise, and strength. My sister and sister-in-law have always raised my nephew and nieces with kindness and laughter, encouraging them to be true to themselves and I see this in all the interactions they have with them. Those virtues combined is the version of parenthood I strive for.

How do you find the balance between working and motherhood?
Reframing what balance signifies has been the biggest shift for me. By understanding that I’m never going to achieve this sometimes-mythical concept of balance, I try not to set myself up to fail. I accept that on some days my priority is with work and the commitments there, and at other times, my focus is completely on what my kids and family need. I think the most important realisation has been to be kind to myself and not having to do everything, be everywhere and say yes to everyone.

What is the biggest lesson Asha and Leo have taught you?
They have taught me many lessons, about myself, about relationships, about how to have no fear and laugh. But the biggest lesson has been to live in the moment and cherish each person for their uniqueness … I have learnt to enjoy the present, their incredibly different personalities and the magical moments that are shaped by them.  

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