Holiday Season Skin

Holiday Season Skin

Shella Martin shares her tried, tested and fail-safe beauty moves for radiant, event season skin.

Between Christmas parties, after-hours functions, festive gatherings and family reunions, it’s all too easy to let ‘me time’ and skin self-care give way to gift-wrapping and party hopping during the holiday season.

Here to help you navigate the most-wonderful-time-of-the-year is Shella Martin—legendary makeup artist, Creative Director of Salon XVI and beloved RATIONALE Luminary—with some of her tried, tested and fail-safe beauty moves to keep you looking and feeling your best when your iCal is overflowing and the end of the year fast approaching.

How do you prep your skin for end-of-year event season?

This time of the year pulls you in all directions, both physically and mentally, so I recommend that my clients book their mid-December facials in during November, before the race to Christmas begins.  

Also, don’t be afraid of topping up on some skincare during the day if you know you will be out for long hours at a time. Pop an additional SPF, Day Crème, or even your #1 The Mask and a fresh face washer in your bag for when you have after-hours events and need to revive your skin after a long day at the desk.  

Hydration is key to winning this race.

What are your top tips for getting party-ready when you don’t have a lot of time?

I keep some of Beautiful Skin Superfluids SPF50 in Bronze, Cheeks + Light handy so that I can press them over the top of any skin (fresh-faced, or with existing makeup on) to enhance glow and dewiness.

Use the Beautiful Bronze to create shape and definition, then take Beautiful Light over all the areas that you’d like to highlight (shoulders, collarbone, cheekbones and Cupid’s bow above the top lip). Add a touch of Beautiful Cheeks to the apples of the cheeks and press onto lips with a clear gloss for the perfect fresh-faced look.

And what does your own skincare and beauty routine look like this holiday season?

The holiday season in Australia is when we experience some of our longest days—and the highest levels of UV exposure, too—which means that we need maximum protection while still feeling as though our skin looks natural, fresh and luminous.  

Personally, I’m enjoying keeping my skin protected and radiant with my morning Essential Six Ritual, plus Beautiful Skin and my Beautiful Bronze to contour my features. I know that if I don’t remain diligent with my skin’s solar protection over this period, it will quickly show signs of dehydration and fine lines once the festive season is over.  

I also had the results of my RATIONALE Platinum Consultation revealed to me last year and now know more about my skin’s natural strengths and weaknesses—including how it handles UV exposure and environmental damage—so using my SPF and Beautiful Bronze every day is an absolute must to combat these concerns. It was, by far, the best beauty secret I’ve ever had revealed to me!

What do you love most about making Clients up during event season?

Being able to sit someone down in my makeup chair and remove the sense of busy-ness from their day—taking the time to make them look and feel like the most radiant versions of themselves—is so memorable for me every season.

And finally, what are you looking forward to most about the holidays?

By far my favourite part of the holiday season is the gift giving—it’s all about the look on someone’s face when they open up a gift and find something they didn’t expect. Especially when it’s something I know they’ll love because I do too (like a gift card for The EpiNova Brilliance Facial).