Christie Nicolaides, RATIONALE Luminary

Meet Christie Nicolaides

 RATIONALE Luminary 

“I am much more confident about my skin now than when I was when I was younger.” Christie Nicolaides is reflecting on her evolving relationship with her skin. It’s a sense of self-assurance that the RATIONALE Luminary attributes to getting older and wiser, and finding a ritual that she believes in: “RATIONALE has transformed my skin.” 

And while it’s obvious that the cult favourite jewellery designer appreciates glamour and beauty in all areas of her life, it’s the ties that bind—“my family and my very handsome husband”—that she values above all else. 

In celebration of our Luminary Campaign, we caught up with the Brisbane-based Designer to talk home hair-dye jobs, singing the blues and why grandmother always knows best.   

When did you first experiment with beauty? Was it a success? 

One summer, on my 13th birthday, I was determined to go blonde. I purchased a bottle of Sun-In, drenched my hair in lemon juice and then spent hours by the pool only for my hair to turn a bright shade of orange. 

When did skincare start to become something you thought about? 

Skincare has always been important to me. I have always invested in good products to ensure that I have healthy skin. However, prior to RATIONALE, I had never found anything that was effective. RATIONALE has transformed my skin. 

How did you discover RATIONALE? 

A friend of mine had been using it for years and convinced me to book in for a facial. After a few months of using the formulations and having regular facials, I saw a dramatic improvement in my skin and from then onwards I was hooked. 

Aside from your skincare routine, are there any other rituals you do regularly to take care of yourself? 

I like to have my hair blow-dried once a week.  

Growing up, did anyone’s skincare (or self-care) routine influence your outlook on beauty today? 

My mother has always stressed the importance of good grooming and having a good skincare routine and looking after myself. I have tried to follow in her footsteps. 

What did you want to be when you were young? 

I wanted to be a jazz and blues singer. I still sing for myself but not professionally. I actually studied at the young Conservatorium in jazz and contemporary voice in my teens. We grew up listening to a lot of jazz and blues so it really became my passion. 

What made you want to become what you are today? 

My other dream was to be become a jewellery designer. The best part of my job is making women feel glamorous and beautiful. Not to mention having an endless supply of jewellery… 

What’s the best career (or life) advice you’ve ever received? 

My grandmother always used to sing Bobby McFerrin’s song, ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’. When something is worrying me, I always think of her advice.