A Guide To Multi-Masking

You may have heard about it on the grapevine: a luxurious weekly skincare Ritual that can help achieve several skin goals, at the one time. So, what is multi-masking, and why should you give it a go?

When you think about it, our approach to skincare should be like our approach to seasonal dressing. During summer, we choose breezy, light-weight pieces to stay comfortably cool. Whilst in winter, layers upon warm, woolly layers are necessary to keep the frost at bay. The same thought process applies when it comes to (ad)dressing your face with an at-home masking Ritual. As like the weather, our skin, and more specifically the different areas of our complexion, are constantly changing. 

Enter, multi-masking: a skincare technique that not only achieves multiple skin goals at the one time but also boosts the results of your daily Essential Six Ritual and prolongs that signature RATIONALE Glow between Facial Treatments. 

And whilst the name leaves little to the imagination, there is more to this process than just applying more than one RATIONALE masking Formulation to your complexion. So, keep reading to find out the what, the why and the how of this global skincare phenomenon. 

First things first: what is multi-masking?

Put simply, multi-masking is the deliberate application of different masking Formulations to specific areas of the complexion. “While we can choose to use one mask according to our skin’s needs, to make to most of masking, we should use more than one at the same time,” explains Lauren Burton, RATIONALE’s National Education Manager. 

“Commonly referred to as ‘multi-masking’, this technique targets different areas of the face with a mask specific to the skin’s needs. It’s ideal for all skin types, but it is perhaps best suited to arguably the most common skin type we see: combination skin.”

Why multi-mask?

Much like the name suggests, multi-masking has multiple benefits. Firstly, it alleviates the concern that a specific Formulation might not be suitable for your entire face. “Multi-masking ensures one is not applying a purifying masking Formulation to areas of the face that are dehydrated, or a hydrating Formulation to areas that have excess sebum production,” says Lauren.

How to multi-mask.

Skincare is profoundly personal. And understanding your complexion at its genetic level is the most critical step before embarking upon a multi-masking Ritual. So, as with all introductions to RATIONALE Formulations, we recommend booking a Signature Skin or Virtual Consultation to receive your personalised masking prescription.  

However, if you already have more than one RATIONALE Formulation in your Ritual, then take the following advice from Ellie Bowley, RATIONALE’s Assistant Education Manager, as a starting point:

“Where you seek a more hydrated, resilient complexion, apply #1 The Mask. If you’re experiencing areas of hyperpigmentation, dullness, or a lacklustre complexion, then apply #2 The Mask to those zones. And for where you are wanting to achieve clear, smooth, and refined skin tone, apply #5 The Mask for increased skin clarity.”

Here’s a helpful how-to: